my friends

fatin per short , this is my friend yeahh.

dear fatin,
you are a ray of sunshine in a world that's sometimes grey. The magic of your company will brighten up the day. you've guided me through bad times , wiped away my tears , and brought me so much joy as we 've travelled through the years. It warms my heart to know you choose me as your friend , a loyal , a loving person , on whom I can depend. If I could have one wish , I'd make it just for you , I'd ask Allah for His blessing in everything you do.

this is my friend , just call her Qill per short.
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dear Qill ,
i know lots of people but there are few whom . I trust with the innermost secrets of my heart.I trust you . You see my goodness inspite of my many flaws. You celebrate my successes and feel my hurts and dissappointments. Thankyou for believing in me and please know I believe in you too.


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